ShopBase update in July 2020

New - Add PingPong as a payout method for Balance

New - Add size chart to ShopBase products

New - Product onboarding

New - Add Failed status for SMS abandoned checkout

New - New editor for the Description fields in Products page

New - Boost Up-sell

  • Setup wizard: Merchants now can quickly & easily to select the most suitable offers with clearer preview
  • Product Ranking Rules: Merchants now can create ranking rules in the Admin setting to rearrange prioritize for show products in Offer
  • Cart up-sell: Merchants now can set the catalog to suggest a product (same design and lowest price ) is matching with the product was added in cart page
  • Cart goal: Merchants now can increase sales by providing benefits such as Free Shipping, Discount... to the user when their order is eligible to reach by using Cart Goal

New - Payment rotation

  • Automatically switch payment accounts according to criteria set by users

Improvement - Change templates in the admin dashboard

Improvement - Export track-id-{{product-id}} tag from a shop

Improvement - Open a store in the new tab