ShopBase update in August 2020

New - In-app notification

New - Boost Up-sell

  • Accessories Upsell: Merchant can add the accessories product for the target product

New - Multi store performance

  • Merchant can view glance at how stores are performing for any date range
  • Automatically update statistics every 5 minutes

New - Buy new domain

  • The merchant now can buy the domain directly from ShopBase

New - Traffic sources chart

  • Traffic source chart shows the number of visitors on your online store based on how the visitors accessed your store

New - Limit of character types for Text Field/Text Area of Custom Option

New - Manual sorting products in Collection page

New - Picture Choice & Conditional Logic for Custom Options

Improvement - Paypal Smart button

  • Automatically turn off Paypal Smart button when activate credit card payment accounts to increase CR on the checkout page

Improvement - Boost Upsell conversion rate in Online store conversion rate chart